Youth Villages


225 West First North Street, Millennium Square Suite 302

Morristown, TN  37814

In East Tennessee, Youth Villages offers our full continuum of programs serving emotionally and behaviorally troubled young people – Intensive In-Home Services, Residential Treatment, Foster Care and Adoption, Transitional Living and Specialized Crisis Services.

We provide counseling services for youth and young adults between the ages of 5 and 22 through programs which include intensive family therapy and transitional independent living services.  We work with families and young adults in their homes as well as in the community to target the specific needs of each of the youth and adults.  We also help them build relationships between people and other key players in their lives such as employers, DCS, etc.

Youth Villages is a non-profit organization which provides intensive therapeutic in-home services to youth between the ages of 5 and 17 with various behavioral manifestations including, but not limited to, substance abuse, physical agression, school issues, homicidal acts, suicidal acts, self harm, truancy, legal issues, animal cruelty, theft, sexually inappropriate behaviors and sexual abuse.

In addition to meeting with primary caregivers, our staff incorporates both informal, familial supports and formal supports such as school staff and other service providers into treatment in order to create continuity of care.  On average, our services last four months; however this is based on the behaviors of the youth, the progress of the family and level of support the family has outside of our program.

Intervention specilists are in homes to assist parents and caregivers to develop age appropriate rules, rewards and consequences to target the specific behaviors of each youth.  In addition, Youth Village staff assists families to build strong relationships with other service providers such as juvenile justice staff, community agencies, and other mental health providers.