Stepping Out, Inc.

Patrice Puglise, Executive Director

P.O. Box 3405
Morristown, TN 37815-3405

3441 West Andrew Johnson Highway
Morristown, TN 37813

We are directly across from the Tractor Supply Store

OFFICE PHONE:  423.318.0999

FAX:  423.318.1695

Stepping Out, Inc is a faith-based 501 C 3 organization which works to create a pattern of positive behavior by equipping individuals and families to achieve emotional, spiritual, and physical growth through life-skills education. We advocate for adults to rise above adversity and take ownership of their future and for parents to become the positive role models for our next generation.


Stepping Out makes available a port-folio of curriculum specifically chosen because it encourages a new paradigm toward positive thinking and contributes to making a stronger, more secure, and dedicated workforce and citizenry of our community and God’s Kingdom. 



Stepping Out uses a series of life-skill courses provided through a consortium of trained, dedicated volunteers who teach and mentor using a portfolio of evidence based and supportive curriculum focused on changing mental reasoning from negative thinking to positive thinking thus creating more stable individuals and families. 
Classes allow time for discussions free from labeling, judgment, and criticism from peers. They build self-confidence, provide resources to meet goals, and the tools and training that empower individuals to become free from self-made captivity, and find success and hope for a future.
Potential participants are identified through our active client base and asked to make a commitment to advance through the one-year program. They are next paired up with a trained mentor who encourages personal development, and accountability. Mentors encourage motivation to walk the challenging road of change and transformation. As negative self-perceptions are changed, clients learn the importance of seeking employment, broadening their education and giving back to their community.  Additionally they learn how to be better role models and parents providing skills and values to their children they were never exposed to. This enhances families, and can change the course for future generations to come.