ETHRA (East Tennessee Human Resource Agency)


(423) 587-6511

1625 A & B East Andrew Johnson Hwy
Morristown, TN 37814

DELIVERING HOPE in East Tennessee

The East Tennessee Human Resource Agency is a premier service agency, successfully operating a regional management system with employees who are trained and empowered to deliver great services to every customer every time.

Our Mission

ETHRA’s mission continues to be to provide services throughout the region that help families and individuals remain independent and with opportunities to succeed.


The East Tennessee Human Resource Agency is a regional service agency, organized under The Human Resource Agency Act of 1973.  There are 9 HRAs across the state.

How We Serve

The complexity of ETHRA is often difficult to comprehend and represents different things to different people, at different points in their lives.

If you are a senior citizen or a caretaker of a senior, ETHRA is the Area Agency on Aging and Disability, and a place you might call to identify a lifeline or service to help an individual continue to live in their own home.

If you do not have a car or can no longer drive, ETHRA is represented in the van driver who thoughtfully helps their customers go to the doctor or even grocery shop.

If you are a teenager you might think of ETHRA as the group who partners with your local recreation center and provides lunch in the summer for low income areas.

If you are looking for a job, you might connect with ETHRA staff at the 9 local Career Centers.

If you represent county and city governments, ETHRA might be the group you know as providing correctional and probation supervision that allows you to control your jail population and costs with alternative sentencing programs.

To state government, ETHRA is an arm that connects with Departments of Human Services, Probation and Parole, Children’s Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Workforce and Labor, etc. and provides regional delivery of services for the people of Tennessee.

To civic minded, caring individuals or companies, ETHRA is a non-profit agency providing a helping hand throughout the region.