About Us

Providing a common meeting ground for networking, collaboration, program development, education, and support in order to improve the health and human services in Hamblen County.


  • Address information sharing of interagencies/community sectors
  • Educate community on available resources
  • Continue unification of community sectors/group leadership
  • Address community resources & financial opportunities for sustainability efforts
  • Increase total community participation and support of interagency efforts in programs and services


  • Believe in the power of collaboration by taking a leadership role in building a strong network and consensus around a common quality agenda to strengthen the Hamblen County community.
  • Believe that HiC’s involvement in the community has measurable impact and be evidence-based.
  • Believe in eliminating unnecessary duplication of community program services and provide feedback for improving efficiency in quality programming.
  • Believe in educating the public about HiC and its members to encourage public participation, involvement and collaboration for current and future community resources.
  • Believe in engaging in open dialogue with community leaders, HiC members and community agency volunteers as a critical part of the quality improvement process to Hamblen County community programs and services.